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When Qwill finally finishes the transaction he discovered that he is not the only one late to rehearsal, but in fact the Fitches are all missing. The rehearsal goes completelty bad. The next day, everyone in the town is shocked to hear that Harley and his pregnant wife Belle. Jill and David had a plumbing problem and were late to pick up Harley and his wife.

Jill reembers seeing a whitre van exiting the premises when they arrived. They then found the two shot and lots of vakluable missung. Everything looks like robbery gon awry, but Koko seems to sense something stronger is amiss. Qwill wonders why Belle was dressed in rehearsel clothes, that seems odd to him that she would be coming as she had no part in the play and never came before.

The Cat Who Sniffed Glue (The Cat Who...

He also thinks that it is odd that Belle was killed first upstairs. Qwill also wants to help Chad Lanspeak, as he knows that there is no way he could have done it. They are eager to have Qwill baxk to write columns, all finally convincing him to give up huis novel idea and get back into the paper. In his love life Qwill is encountering many problems. First Polly and him are on the skids from having no time to spend with each other, rehearsels take up a lot of time ; Polly thinks he should forget the newspaper and go back to writing, and the fact that Fran Brodie is after Qwill.

Qwill appreciates Fran as a decorator and likes her as a friend but hates to be chased by women, preferring to be the pursuer rather than the pursuee. She is not happy at all with this relationship. Qwill starts to do columns on different people, first Eddington Smith the owner of the used book store and Wally Toddwhistle the taxidermist. Then more depressing news occurs, Margaret Fitch has a stroke and dies.

After Nigel hears that his wife is dead he goes out to the parking lot and shoots himself. David is dealing with everything very badly. When he was gone his mother urged David to marry Jill as she is from a fine old family. When Harley returned he was super angry. Qwill has dinner with Mrs. Cobb bringing the cats along. On his way back he gets knocked off the road by a drunk driver. Some people come by and call the cops on their CB. They also lend Qwill a flashlight. Qwill keeps calling for the cats, but hears no reply.

Polly comes by on her way home and waits with Qwill, rekindling their romance. Qwill eventually finds the cats, but not before they had found a skunk. He double-booked himself. The same day that he is supposed to go to Down Below with Fran to shop for new beds, he is supposed to drop Polly off at the airport for a conference she is going to.

Qwill has made plans to go with Eddington Smith to see the Fitch library. He takes Koko as well hoping he might sniff out some clues.

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While there Koko finds a secret room. When Qwill goes in the room that is very dark, but still manages to find all kinds of valuables, ones that were supposedly stolen in the robbery. A man lunges at him fro behind with some kind off club, and Qwill uses a brass bugle to ward him off. When their weapons clash, the club falls apart, and Qwill bangs his assailant on the head.

Koko immediately jumps on him, nuzzling and rubbing himself against him. Eddington comes running in with a handgun, holding David off if he tries to make a move. So the story is Margaret Fitch is a manipulative mother who controled her sons by giving them the taste of the good life but never actually giving it to them.

Hall large print book series Lilian Jackson Braun May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Recorded Books, Audio Cassette.

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Former Library book. Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. Putnam's Son, Octavo with three quarter cream cloth with purple paper boards. Jim Qwilleran investigates the murders of the vice-president of a bank and his wife. Audio Book. Listen to the cassettes while following the book. A nice looking set withdrawn from the library collection.

The Cat Who Sniffed Glue

Nice copy with a mildly sunned jacket spine, and a minute spine crease to book. Hard Cover. Light sunning to the dustjacket's spine. Light tanning to the pages. Remainder stamped along the top edge of the book. Pages: Pickax's sedate calm is occasionally disturbed by random acts of vandalism, but nothing more serious than paint daubed on civic property. Until, that is, the cold-blooded murder of young banker Harley Fitch and his new bride Bella, which is altogether more shattering.

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Qwilleran's moustache twitche. Berkley, Mass Market Paperback. Minimal signs of wear. Ex-Library Paperback with usual markings, stamps, and stickers. Large Print. Worn cover.

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  • New York: Jove Books. Very Good; Light reading creases and shelf wear, slightly slanted spine,. Mass Market PB. Quill doesn't spot the clue until his cat's taste for paste tangles them in their stickiest case yet. Seller: Books in Bulgaria Published: Condition: Very Good; Light reading creases and shelf wear, slightly slanted spine, numeral taped to base of spine. First Paperback Edition. Reading crease on front cover. Mild spine creasing. The Cat Who Living in the peaceful city of Pickax may be restful, but it certainly isn't dull.