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Hope that helps someone When the devil comes knocking at your door say, "Lord Jesus, will you please get that? Amen" "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in this world? Not only to us but to others as well. The devil uses what ever he can to trip us up, so stay in your word and keep your Spiritual Armour on too. God Bless" "He has been rendered toothless We hear the "roar" and laugh at being entertained. Very scary but then i remember that God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power, love, and self-discipline!

Great visual " "If only God would allow a split second look into the spirit world, people would beg God for mercy. That's not His plan though. His plan is to read His Word which makes one wise unto salvation.


GOD did not change that, He simply cast him out of the Heavens That's why we must always be on guard, because he is more difficult to recognize then one thinks. The ones we recognize as boogeymen are actually Satan's henchmen and not Satan himself. Those are simply the ones that take the fall for him literally and figuratively.

He is always after all of us. But God is always with us. We have the strength through the Holy Spirit to fight off all of the firey darts of the devil, plus, he can't do no more than God lets him anyway. Cling to your Bible and only the Bible for your truth. Don't follow traditions of man. If you worship on Sunday research why.

The Bible clearly states the seventh day is the Sabbath. Follow only Gods word. Not traditions of men. When you are under "attack" use the Word that applies" "Your enemy the devil prowls around LIKE a roaring lion looking for someone to devour He's not a lion. He has no true power. He trumps this satanic lion! I am so tired of the KJV of the Bible being put aside and actually criticized for being too hard to understand.

I love mine, it reads beautifully, and if people cannot get a th, ith, Thee or Thou, they need to restudy English, not re write the Bible. This is the answer! When you are not sober, you cannot make good decisions, be a good parent, spouse, son, daughter, friend or employee. When drunk, you are easily influenced by others-and that is when the devil grabs you and says "gotcha".

Do not allow yourself to be led into the lions lair, for there will be no way out; and if you do manage to get out, you will be shredded to bits and in pain, with many years to recovery. As the loyal angel can appear in human form so can Satan. Remember the Anti-Christ has yet to come. Be aware of this each and everyday.

The Devil At My Doorstep: Protecting Employee Rights

But getting back up again" "This is so true yet so many times as Christians we fail to heed the warning that is so very plain in our Bible. Thank you Jesus for once again reminding me who is my real enemy. The devil is out to destroy everyone he can. You or your family are not exempt from his attack. Take the offensive. The best defense is a strong offense. Expose the fact that it merely evened a playing field that Big Labor had been exploiting for years at the expense of membership dues. Listen closely to Governor Walker, as it is truly worth the time!

America, we are at War! Click here to show your support! Recently there has been interest in producing a movie about The Devil at Our Doorstep. The Devil at Our Doorstep is a testimonial to the opportunity provided by American capitalism to all persons — regardless of their race, sex, age, creed, social class, or ethnicity — to those self-determined persons willing to work hard and persevere.

The Devil at Our Doorstep recounts how an average person succeeded in creating a prosperous company providing good jobs through hard work, integrity, common sense, determination and perseverance, only to be maliciously attacked by Big Labor in an attempt to force it to comply with its agenda. While most major companies in the industry capitulate to the radical demands of big labor, and in the process stripped employees of their American right to a private election to determine if they wished to be represented by a union, this company decided that their only choice was to confront the threat head-on and fight back!

The great basketball player Michael Jordan very succinctly summed up the opportunity for success and personal self-determination America provides for all:.

David Bego Speaks at "Restoring American Exceptionalism" Tea Party event - October 8, 2011 - Part 1

And that is why I succeed. Policies and programs with which the members vehemently disagree and have set the stage for support of Right-To-Work laws. As the war escalated and moved to the final round in Washington D. However, The Devil at Our Doorstep stands firm as a dire warning that the battle in the shadows still continues to this day.

This is indicative of the fact that a strong movement is underway to restore American freedoms, the economy and the American free market system. If you are interested in screening a sizzle of the clip or becoming a supporter please contact executive producer Marcia Fritz at marciafritzco gmail. I can tell you this is a diverse group of politicians and business people from both sides of the aisle who have awakened and are committed to restoring the personal freedoms, free markets and financial future of this great nation.

I hope you decide to take part in this revolutionary movement! On Monday, the U.

Devil at My Doorstep - Protecting Employee Rights (Paperback)

In a ruling following political lines, the U. Supreme Court affirmed that just because home healthcare workers received Medicaid payments they were not employees of a government agency and subject to forced unionism or required to pay dues because of supposed union representation. The SEIU recently took a similar hit when the Michigan legislature repealed a law similar to that in question in Harris v. This decision will result in a significant drop in dues income, designed to line its pockets and support its political buddies. Rank and file members across the country are fed up with Big Labor using their dues payments for political activities with which they disagree.

Brave members, such as Mariam Noujaim and Lisa Garcia, whose stories are chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep , and Brian Pannbecker, a cofounder of Union Conservatives , the organization responsible for the grass roots effort for Michigan become the 24th Right-To-Work State, have led the charge in these highly unionized states. Their efforts are further documented at www.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Skip to content. Book Overview About the Author Media. The aim of this concerted swarming attack is to bully and pressure a targeted company into signing an agreement making SEIU the representative of its employees.

This is the same agenda being used against Trump and the USA today for the same reasons. These stories are relayed in the sequel The Devil at Our Doorstep. Stories like the one shared below continue to flow in as the silent majority share their experiences of intimidation and pressure at the hands of Big Labor! Well as of today they have still not voted on a contract but I hear they are having a meeting on May 22nd rumor has it that is the contract vote day. I guess it would be too much to ask for them to be up front and actually post that information for all to see!

About four employees who were strong union supporters have either been fired for attendance or have found other jobs leaving us with a big SEIU mess! That would almost close the gap on the vote last December. Wanna hear something funny?


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